KonMari: Ikigai & The Missing Step

Thinking beyond the special occasion of tidying, and channeling KonMari to help us find our true purpose

Marie Kondo’s Hikidashi Box Set

Ikigai: The Reason for Being

Source: UX Collective

Reason One: Conditioning

Gucci Storefront. Source: pexels

Reason Two: Distraction and Comfort

Source: pexels

Reason Three: Addiction

Source: pexels

How this relates to KonMari:

When we think about the why behind our material accumulations, it is only then that we can truly adopt the method of KonMari, Minimalism, and Ikigai. You may not have all the answers now, but from my experience, KonMari is the first step in understanding this. By honing your ‘joy detection’ for material things, it opens the door to that same sensitivity to joy in all aspects of life. KonMari is like hitting a big red reset button for your home, your life and your personal outlook. Don’t stop at KonMari, but use its foundations and teachings you push you further into understanding why.

“Life truly begins after you have put your house in order” Marie Kondō

Bachelor of Design Student, Freelance Digital Designer, Musician. I write about design and life. Twitter: @sarahsaccomanno

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